An Agency For Us

So yeah, we’re doing this! We. Are. Adopting!

I have to keep saying it out loud so I won’t think it’s all a dream. And now that we’ve found an agency, it makes it all the more real.

A funny thing happened on the way to the adoption agency… I’ve technically been looking at agencies since 2008. Not really seriously, but looking at larger agencies and their birthmom situations. Daydreaming about a profile that mentioned twins. Or just wondering who these brave women are who are making what will likely be the toughest decision of their lives. But I have never applied to an agency before.

So it stands to reason that the second I get serious about this thing, I can’t find one that suits our needs. Google and I actually fell out about this. Every agency I fell in love with turned out to be facilitators. And I don’t mean that as a dirty word. It’s just that it’s kind of illegal to work with facilitators in my home state of Georgia.

A page full of dead ends and I had to enlist the troops. Well, just one. Anthony and I sat at our kitchen table poring over sites and filling out home study paperwork one evening. From a few referrals and a bit of research, I found that Florida is a much-desired state to adopt from, due to their progressive adoption laws. With the search now focused on Florida, it was full steam ahead.

I found a list of licensed Florida agencies, 81 to be exact. Why didn’t Google show me these?!? Oh well…still mad at Google. The very last agency on the list (because it was the only one that started with “The”) stuck out as I looked over this list. We sent them a message. I called the next day. And the sweetest voice answered the phone.

During our conversation, I teared up more than once as we talked about adoption philosophy and what led me to them. The agency is located in Jacksonville, FL, about 75 minutes from my home town of Waycross, GA. We have family in Jacksonville. The consultant has a Valdosta connection. We have family in Valdosta. I’m feeling everything about this. She told me how happy she was that we found each other. I think I love her.

This is our agency. The application will go in this weekend and we will officially be a Waiting Family of The Adoption Authority. Sigh of relief. We’re home. And soon enough, sweet baby, you will be too.


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