Teardrops & Rainbows

I began to toy with the idea of doing a blog a few days ago, right around the time that we decided on an adoption agency. I thought it would be a great way to record my feelings: the ups and downs, highs and lows of the adoption process. Then I thought it might be a good way for family and friends to check in on our journey, since our lives are about to become really hectic all at once, and I may not have as much time as before to update them all personally.

But then I thought: A blog would be a great way to document how our unborn baby came to be a part of our lives. How the fates of birth parents we haven’t yet met would come to be intertwined with ours. How much we loved their baby before he/she was formed in his/her mother’s womb. How my heart took a journey once-upon-a-time into motherhood. How God’s perfect plan would unfold over time. How our lives would never be the same.

I figured that the blog would need a name. I figured I’d agonize over name choices for a few days, loving one, then hating it in the next breath. It took less than 5 minutes. Teardrops & Rainbows. It felt right. Teardrops for our struggles with loss and infertility. Rainbows for babies born after loss. Teardrops & Rainbows.

Google is my friend. So when I decided on the name, I had to Google it. Here I am, thinking I’m original. But nothing is new under the sun. Right away, I found a poem titled “Teardrops & Rainbows” by Ron Tranmer (posted below). It spoke to my heart in such a powerful way, I contacted the author to ask if I could post it in my first-ever blog (and name said blog after it). It blew my mind that he wrote back almost immediately and gave his blessing! What a God we serve!

And so I’m here. Though I will be the primary writer, I’m sure I can convince Anthony to stop by from time to time to give his perspective on this journey. So let’s get started:

Teardrops & Rainbows: A Heart’s Journey into Motherhood



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