A Birthday Prayer

Yesterday was my birthday! I am 41 years old. (And I’m already thinking that I will be 60 years old when my baby graduates high school.) 

I received so many beautiful messages and best wishes on my special day, and I’m reminded of how many wonderful people I have come across in my 41 years. These people are our “village” and I know that we will need their all of their support and prayers through this life-changing experience…from Placement Day to Adoption Day to Graduation Day and beyond. We are honored to have such amazing people in our lives!

One of my friends sent me a touching Birthday Blessing:


It is a reminder for me to continually place all of my cares at the Lord’s feet and have faith that He will keep all of His promises to us, specifically regarding our call to be parents together. And if I fall short of absolute trust and belief in this process? Well, God will grant me grace over and above what I actually deserve because He is so loving and kind.

I have already received the blessing of another year to serve as a living witness to His goodness. This year, I have a renewed faith in His promises and I am looking forward to how His truth will manifest itself in my life. 2018 is THE year!!!  Happy Birthday to me!


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