Well… This may be happening for us already. Won’t He do it?!?

In my last post, we were almost done with the Home Study and Profile for our agency. We received our profile draft, provided the requisite edits, and sent off to print last week.

This week, the online profile went up! You can view it here:

The Home Study report will likely be available next week. Our sweet HS agency owner is insanely busy these days and is in the process of getting everything written up for any edits that we may have.

So, now we wait, right??? Not so fast!

Because we just don’t trust most people to do what they said they would do, I asked Anthony to follow up with Melissa, our HS consultant, to see if she received the medical report from his primary care physician. What followed was simply incredible!

It turns out that Melissa told Anthony about a situation that she is working with now that she thought would be perfect for us! He forgot to mention this in his text to me saying that yes, she received the report. When I called Anthony back to tell him about a new situation that we received from our adoption agency, he’s all like, “Which one?” I was confused because I know our HS agency doesn’t really do a lot of placements, so I’m like, “There’s only one, from the adoption agency.” Then he explained that Melissa told him about a young lady who was looking for a family for her new baby. He didn’t have many other details. I wanted to talk to Melissa together the next day, but anyone who knows me knows that I would NEVER be able to concentrate, sleep, or even keep breathing without more details, so I called her myself a short time later. LOL

I won’t get into all of the details of what she shared with me, but I will say that as she described this young lady, my mind drew a 3-D picture of what she looked like, how big her belly was, the shape of her eyes…I SAW HER. And I loved her right then. We said YES to the situation, and left it to Melissa to tell her about us to see if she was interested in placing with us.

The next day, Melissa called to say that BM (birthmom) was excited about us and wanted to meet us. Now we are waiting for Melissa to set up a meeting for us, maybe lunch, maybe dinner, so we can get to know each other. I can’t wait to see her for real, to see how much of the picture I created in my mind is true. This is the woman who could be carrying the child we will raise! It is so important that we leave a good impression of who we are with her. I have no choice but to be myself and pray that she thinks I will make a good mother for her child.

AHHHHHH!!!! So what’s PDSP?? Patience – Discernment – Strength – Perseverance

I need it by the boatloads! Please pray for us that this will be the shortest wait ever!!!


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